About Us

If you're here, you probably want to know who the eff we are.  Grab a cup of coco and get ready for story time...


Once upon a time, two poor developers decided to make a game called Super Meat Boy.  Tommy (the programmer) and Edmund (the artist) had big plans for this game.  They were going to publish it on all of the hottest digital distribution platforms around:  Steam, Xbox, and Wii (Wii, of course, being the hottest).  One day, Nintendo decided to have a media summit in San Francisco and invited a select number of independent developers to come and show their games.  Tommy excitedly flew in from his bat cave in North Carolina and Edmund drove up from Santa Cruz.

At the same time, a starry eyed Nintendo employee named Shannon received an email asking for volunteers from the San Francisco office to help demonstrate what would become one of the most acclaimed games of all times:  Metroid Other M.  She jumped at the chance to ditch her real work and play video games all day long for two days straight at the media summit.

At the event, Tommy and Edmund were conveniently stationed right next to Shannon and they both gave her demo a try.  Edmund was overwhelmed with tears of pure joy that the game induced and left halfway through the first cut-scene to get a box of tissues.  Somehow Tommy was able to withstand the awe-inspiring game and played through the whole demo.  He did his best to get Shannon off topic, but she was a pro (and she didn't want to get fired for flirting on the job).  They continued to chat during the rest of the event and both of them thought the other one was pretty awesome.  Alas, Tommy thought he was too poor and lived too faraway so he never asked for her digits.  They both went home alone.

Fast forward 18months.  Super Meat Boy was released on Steam and Xbox (sadly, it didn't quite make it out on Wii), the boys from Team Meat were no longer poor, stressed out hobos, and Shannon had begun doing more and more demo events.  She was so good at demoing games, Nintendo decided to let her do live interviews with media at E3 2011.  Enter Destructoid's Jonathan Holmes.  For her very first on camera interview, Shannon was paired with Mr. Holmes for a variety of games.  They had a great time playing Zelda and Measure Up and at some point Shannon smashed cake into Jonathan's face.  The videos turned out pretty well and were published on Destructoid's website.

Unbeknownst to Shannon, Tommy was an avid Destructoid reader and he stumbled upon her videos.  He exclaimed "That's the girl I liked from that Nintendo thing!!" but he promptly convinced himself that she was most likely a horrible bitch who would be a terrible girlfriend.  For you see, during the fast forwarding in the last paragraph, Tommy had started dating a dreadful woman who told him that he couldn't wear his TMNT pajama pants out in public and wouldn't let him buy any transformers or dinosaurs that make noises when you press on their tongues.  Tommy was miserable and thought that no woman could ever make him happy.

A month later, Tommy dumped that ho-bag and moved to...you guessed it...San Francisco.  Around this same time, Jonathan Holmes (aka our fairy godfather), was putting together a podcast.  He thought it would be great to have Tommy, Edmund, and Shannon on an episode together.  Shannon told Jonathan that she had met Team Meat guys once a long time ago, but they probably wouldn't remember her.  Tommy told Jonathan that he knew exactly who Shannon was and that he needed to hand over her contact information immediately so that Tommy could stalk her on the interwebs.  Jonathan obliged and Tommy started to follow Shannon on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Shannon was still single because she couldn't find any guys in San Francisco who liked to play video games.  She was going to a Nintendo employee event at a Giants game but she didn't have a date *sniffle*.  Of course, she voiced her first world woes on Twitter and, to her surprise, she received a tweet back from Tommy.  He had volunteered to be her arm candy.  She thought he was joking, but he was dead serious.  Tommy didn't know anything about baseball, but their first date at the Giants game was magical.  

More fast forwarding...Shannon and Tommy fell in love very quickly and Shannon weaseled her way into living with Tommy after only a few months.  At some point, Shannon was given the opportunity to transfer to Nintendo's HQ in Washington to take her dream job (helping indies publish their games digitally).  Tommy graciously moved with Shannon to Kirkland, WA.  Shortly after moving, Shannon's new team was absorbed by another department and her dream job was dismantled and her duties were distributed amongst a group of people who didn't know how to handle anything.  Shannon was given a really sweet new job on the 3rd party marketing team, but it just wasn't the same.  Unable to get her dream job back, Shannon promptly quit and started helping Team Meat with their merchandise and trade shows.  Tommy and Shannon are now engaged. Hooray!  Everyone lived happily ever after and all that stuff. Now go buy a shirt!


Update:  Tommy & Shannon got murried in September 2014.  Check that effing rump out!!